Interview with Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer

Conducted by Christopher S. Feltner

For the record, I am not a fan of Grind music. That being said, I do enjoy Pig Destroyer. PD's recent album, "Book Burner" is one of the best heavy music releases to come along in recent years, in my opinion. With an album of such high acclaim, a heavy saturation of PD interviews have followed.

This not another Pig Destroyer interview. There are plenty of magazines talking about their new album, drummer, etc. I wanted to focus more on Blake's creative input to the band as it relates to experimentation.

Mr. Harrison was kind enough to oblige.

I am sure you've been asked this a ton of times over the years, but when did you join Pig Destroyer, and why did you want to join them? What was it that made you feel like you could add something to the band?

It's been six or seven years now. I'd been fairly close with them for a while, and they wanted to add another member doing noise and samples and stuff, and offered myself for the position. I didn't know that I could bring something to the band. I just kind of hoped it worked out.

Grindcore is an acquired taste, in my opinion. A lot of metal fans that I've known over the years; only a select few enjoy Grind. What draws you, personally, to this particular style?

Personally, I've been a fan of Grind for a long time; since I was like 14. I really like the fact that it's more extreme than most other forms of extreme music. It's always been kind of a mix of Punk and Metal, as well, which were both forms of music that I was attracted to.

This past September, I was on a family vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. I stopped in at the only independent record store I could find. There were two young guys with long hair, and metal shirts, working there. I'm looking around, and one of the guys asked if he could help me find something. I asked if they carried any noise albums. He replied, "The only noise stuff we have is like Napalm Death and Agoraphobic Nosebleed."

I don't think he knew what I meant by "noise." But, since you bring that element to a Grind band, I'm curious: What, if any, correlation do you see between Grind and Noise?

They've always gone hand-in-hand really. The guys in Napalm started experimenting with tape loops, and even Godflesh experimented. I think it's more of an experimental thing really.

What is your musical background? Did you start out playing in bands growing up?

Yeah, I've played in bands for a long time. Nothing as well known as PxDx. I've played bass, guitar, and screamed for various bands.

When did you start getting into noise/sound experimentation? What was your first exposure to it?

I'd really have to say some of the early Grind like Napalm or Godflesh, then that kind of led to me discovering other bands/artists. The old Relapse catalogs had A LOT of stuff to buy/learn about. Then, later, more Noisecore stuff like Anal Cunt and Suppression.

Have you ever considered doing a solo album of noise, or collaborating with others in this vein?

I've been working on some stuff, but am not really sure if I'll ever release it. Terrence from Locrian and I may do a collaboration.

I don't consider myself a fan of Grind, but I do enjoy Pig Destroyer. However, I can't explain why this is. Why do you think PD would appeal to someone who isn't really a fan of the style?

Wow, this is a tough one. I think it's because we're not just what I call "4 on the floor grind." We have time and tempo changes; the music swings a bit.

Why didn't Dave Witte end up joining you guys?

Mostly just a matter of scheduling, and timing, really. He's a VERY busy dude.

What were your personal favorite noise-related albums of 2012, and who are your personal favorites, in general?

Der Blutharsch "Track Of The Hunted"
Einsturzende Neubauten "Halber Mensch"
(I know these are old records)

Pig Destroyer

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